Cindy’s Award-Winning Underground Railroad Novel for Kids

Read the thrilling story about twelve-year-old slave Moses as he escapes on the Underground Railroad. Teachers love the accurate historical information it contains and the 3.8 reading level suitable for middle graders with average reading skills. Kids like the heart-stopping adventure about a boy who is on the run from slave catchers. Parents appreciate the story of a slave who defies the odds to become free, inspiring kids to see we all have a destiny worth fighting for. Cindy gives kids history with a heartbeat.

Let the Weak Say I Am Strong

Let the Weak Say I Am Strong

October 6thI had hip surgery after falling and breaking my femur. (See my post Stopped in My Tracks.) God pointed out many miracles to me during my convalescence—the garbage men who helped me to the street after I fell, the outstanding surgeon who happened to be on...

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Why not enhance your students’ understanding of slavery and the Underground Railroad with Cindy’s interactive school presentation? In period costume, Cindy asks students stimulating questions about slavery and the Underground Railroad, helping them grasp the mindset of free people and slaves in 1850.

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