Check out my award-winning historical novel, Dark Enough to See the Stars, about a twelve-year-old slave boy who runs away on the Underground Railroad. I invite you to join Moses on his unforgettable journey.

I took the scenic route to get to this point. I never meant to be a writer. I grew up in a family of artists. My house is filled with my late grandmother’s paintings and a few of my own. Plans to go to art school got sidetracked when I met the man of my dreams (it was love at first sight). We were married, (45 years and counting), and raised five wonderful children.

Imagine my surprise when I felt a God-nudge to write a book. Just before I started teaching full time at a Christian elementary school and my youngest child was eleven, I plunked out the plot for a middle grade fantasy novel.  Writing that first book felt like riding a Harley Davidson—uncomfortable and a little dangerous. I could feel every bump in the road. Like a driver with a learner’s permit, I honed my skills at writers’ conferences and critique groups. Although never published, my first book became my vehicle into the writing world.

In my quest to perfect my writing skills, I met Joyce Magnin, author of adult and juvenile fiction, who became my writing coach. Now I had a driving instructor to show me which way to turn. She suggested I write historical fiction for kids. It was a perfect fit. Thank you Joyce!

School-BusNow I’ve traded my Harley Davidson for a school bus. When my kids were growing up I drove a full-sized seven passenger van. The ten years we had it, I got pretty good at steering that behemoth and only blew a tire twice maneuvering corners. Now I want to drive busloads of kids down an exciting road of Underground Railroad history.

History gives us perspective. It’s kind of like growing old. We have a lot more wisdom when we can see where we’ve been. Click on my blog to read a nugget from the depths of the Underground Railroad. I will also share book reviews and give points to ponder about middle grade fiction or family life. History comes alive when kids read exciting historical fiction. Come on board!

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