Learn the History of Slavery in America

Meet Moses, a slave boy who’s determined to escape on the Underground Railroad and find freedom. 

Moses’ mother teaches him that slavery is not his destiny. Not only does she help him run away, she also tells him he can be a Moses to his people and help others like himself. 

My middle grade novel, Dark Enough to See the Stars, reveals the plight of African American slaves that helps students empathize with today’s African American story on an emotional level.

Cancel the Yawns and the Eyeball Rolls…

Put kids on the edge of their seats with my novel about escape on the Underground Railroad. 

Kids like the heart-stopping adventure about a boy who is on the run from slave catchers
Educators love the accurate historical information it contains and the 3.8 reading level/675 Lexile level suitable for middle graders with average reading skills.
Parents appreciate the inspiring story of a slave who defies the odds to become free.

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Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

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“A story that will bring Civil War history alive for adolescent readers and will make a useful addition to middle school curricula.”

The Magazine: Kirkus Reviews

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Educators! You wish your middle school students loved history; I want to help. 
Check out my Underground Railroad study guide that could save you hours of work. Keep scrolling!

Have Middle School Underground Railroad Lesson ideas at Your Fingertips!

 Dark Enough to See the Stars STUDY GUIDE

Social studies, science, and language arts lessons
Vocabulary worksheets
Test on Underground Railroad history based on the novel
All pages are reproducible.

Why Didn’t Anyone Ever Teach Us This?

If you’re like me, the horrors of slavery were glossed over in high school history class. I was appalled as I studied slave autobiographies to research my novel. Former slave Frederick Douglass helped me empathize with his pain as he described his emotional turmoil in his autobiography, My Bondage, My Freedom

In my novel, you can feel Moses’ fear as slave catchers almost snatch him from the woods, sense his apprehension as he learns to eat with a fork, and delight in his achievement when he first writes his name. Moses’ faith, heartache, and triumph become etched in your soul. 

When I first published my story in 2014, I never realized how timely it would become. Dark Enough to See the Stars educates us about our past

Even today, racial reconciliation is a critical national issue. 

However, my book doesn’t just show children and adults our history of racism. It also shares the exciting journey of a black child’s path to freedom. This not only gives the reader empathy for what African Americans have experienced, but helps people realize:

Every Person Has a Destiny Worth Fighting For

Learn about Moses’ journey to freedom. Buy the book here:


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