Racial Reconciliation

A tragic, unnessary death and multiple injuries happened in Charlottesville this past weekend. Don’t you think that’s despicable? So do I. We hate the crime that was committed. But we don’t have to hate the person who carried it out. Jesus put this another way. He said love your enemies. That’ s easier said than done, isn’t it? How do I do that? Do I even want to do that? I don’t want haters to walk all over me. How can I stand for justice for myself and others?

Dr. Martin Luther King spent a lifetime studying how to do just that.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

The strides he made in the Civil Rights Movement were based on humility,  love and forgiveness.  Alveda King,   Dr. King’s niece, continues to champion her uncle’s cause. She outlines his basic strategies for racial reconciliation in the following article entitled, Are You Ready to Slay the Skin-colored Dragon? http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=18574 We cannot forget that these unlikely virtues are the mightiest weapons we have against hatred.

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