Hooray for Books! independent bookstore in Alexandria, Virginia does it right. How do small bookstores survive in a post-Amazon world? By hosting exciting summer reading programs for kids, for one. Walk in now through August 31st and play “Reading Without Walls Bingo” for a chance to win prizes, including an invitation to their exclusive end-of-summer party. Stop by the bookstore to pick up your Bingo card!

Perhaps you’ve walked into a mega-store and had questions, but you couldn’t find anyone to answer them. The independent bookstore shines where personal attention is concerned. In an internet world where people text to talk, it’s refreshing to have a haven of human contact. Flip through the pages of a book and inhale the woodsy aroma in Old Town Alexandria. http://www.hooray4books.com/events.htm

Check out my talk with kids about the Underground Railroad this Saturday, and pick up a signed copy of Dark Enough to See the Stars.http://www.cindynoonan.com/books/dark-enough-see-stars/

Fun events, personal service, and meet-the-author events. Sounds like a best-seller to me!


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