"God, Show Me My Destiny!"

God calls us to advance His Kingdom.
When you discover how to walk in your destiny, you will influence the future of others.

Topics for Women's Groups, Seminars, & Retreats

You're Not a Canary Trapped in a Cage: God Created You to Soar like an Eagle.

Canaries sing divinely and are admired for their beauty. However, they are harnessed for someone else’s pleasure and not free to fly as God intended. True submission is voluntary, mutual, and freeing. God never confuses submission with suppression.

Feel Like a Failure? God Says You Can Birth a Nation.

Let God Show You Your Destiny in Sarah and Abraham’s Journey.

Sarah, who was called barren, became a mother of nations. 
Travel with Sarah and Abraham to find the pitfalls and triumphs of your journey in their journey.

Three Women Who Transformed Their World:
Three Ways You Can Revolutionize Yours

Rahab - a pagan prostitute 
Deborah a prophetess and judge 
Esther a Jewish queen of Persia

Learn how these women made a difference in their worlds and how you can make a difference in yours.

Become a Transforming Voice without Burning Down the Barn: 

How to Harness Your Passion and Put Power in Your Voice

Your voice is important, but do you really know what God wants you to say? 
Become a polished gem who speaks powerful words that transform others.