God is calling you. Mountains and skyGod is calling you. He really wants you to know Him better.

Maybe you’re thinking:

God’s not interested in me. I don’t feel like I could be important to Him. He has more important things on his plate like wars and pandemics.

Not true. God cares about your problems, big and small. His power, love , and influence surround you. What’s more, He’s given you a dream and wants to help you fulfill it.

Surely, you are joking. I’m not a king, a president, or a preacher. Neither am I influential in business, or my community. I’m even starting to doubt the impact I have on my own family.


That’s how I felt in 1973. I dreamed of a close-knit family but it felt out of my reach. I questioned my ability to nurture our two toddler daughters. My husband of five years and I had recently moved to Iowa and bought our first home. Hundreds of miles from family and friends, we struggled to raise our girls without help. The loneliness and depression I had experienced when my husband was in Viet Nam returned. I fought despair every day and felt helpless to make a positive impact on my children. Short-tempered and moody, this former A student thought she was scoring a D+ in motherhood.

One day Billy Graham associate John Wesley White arrived in town for a crusade. I wanted to go but no one invited me.However, the crusade team made sure to deliver educational materials to every house in town. I subscribed to Decision Magazine and devoured it every month.

In May of that year, I knelt beside my bed, asked Jesus to help me, and prayed the Sinner’s Prayer. When I did, the inner loneliness and depression immediately lifted from me. I felt the love of Jesus flow into my body.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but God used my loneliness and depression to call me to Himself.


Do you feel overwhelmed, depressed, or helpless to change your situation? God has answers for you.

Maybe you think–if God has answers, why isn’t He talking to me?

Could God be knocking on your door, but you don’t hear Him?

Jesus said, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” Revelation 3:20 NIV

Jesus is asking you for a relationship. He doesn’t just want to save you from hell. He wants to be your friend. Friends knock on your door and invite you to dinner. They spend time getting to know who you are.

Go ahead and answer the door.




If you’re honest with yourself, you might be thinking this:

I wish I had the desire to desire God but most days I don’t. I’d rather bury my head in a book, my favorite podcast, or binge watch a TV series.

I can identify. It’s easier for me to play a game on my phone than to try to read my Bible.

Did you know you can ask God to give you the desire to know Him better?

Jesus says in John 6:44a AMP, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him [giving him/her the desire to come to Me].

In other words, it takes more than your effort to bring you to Jesus. The Father is busy drawing you to Him as well.

Go ahead and ask Him to draw you into a closer friendship with Jesus.


The Song of Solomon has many layers and can be interpreted many ways. I would like to emphasize its value as an allegory about God’s love for his people. Unfortunately, we often approach our relationship with God like a business proposition. He does things for us, and in return we do things for Him. But that is not how God operates. He functions as a family. He is a FATHER, He has a SON, and with the HOLY SPIRIT they move together as one. God created us in His Image. Therefore, He put us in families to be nurtured and loved without being judged or condemned. He didn’t create us in a laboratory. He gave us a human mother and father.

Therefore, He uses the imagery of the love between a simple peasant woman and her intended husband to help us understand the love God has for us.

She senses the love He shows her and feels safe in His Presence. Therefore, she asks Him to draw her to Himself. Once again, God is telling us we can ask Him to draw us closer to Him.

Song of Solomon 1:4a NASB: Draw me after you and let us run together!

african-american woman running on the beach. God is calling

When you draw closer to Jesus, His plans for you become clearer. You begin running with His dreams for your life!

Let’s summarize the principles we talked about today:

  1. God draws you to Himself.
  2. You can ask Him to give you the desire to seek Him more diligently.
  3. The closer you draw to Jesus, the more you understand His plans for your life.

Would you like some encouragement as you seek God? Sign up for my free devotional: 30 Days of Devotions to Defeat Discouragement.

Let’s pray:

Thank you, Father, that you constantly draw me to Jesus. I never realized before how thrilled you are when your children want more of you. I want to know you better every day. Please draw me to Yourself. I want to run with You.



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