carry luggage, it's time to take my own advice

“Honey, why don’t we go buy you an iPad before we leave on our trip? It would be nice if you didn’t have to bring your laptop.”

What? I flinched at my husband’s words. My stomach tightened as panic edged around my thoughts.

I create a blog, memes, and a Facebook Live every week. How do I keep up with that? I can’t let my readers down. Or so I thought.

“That computer and your bag are so bulky.  And they won’t let us check your computer through anymore. We have to take it on the plane.”

“I’m not ready to give up my computer,” I countered. “It would be more stressful to transfer everything to a new device. I can put it under my seat.”

“Anything else you have in that bag would be tough to get to. You’d have to unzip the whole thing.”

He was right about that. But the real problem was that I didn’t want to let go of my ministry— not even for a ten-day vacation in Cancun.

After much pondering and praying, I realized he was right. I would leave my laptop at home. Not only that, but I wouldn’t buy an iPad either. We were going someplace we could rest and not worry about what was on our to-do lists.


That meant taking a sabbath rest from my writing/speaking ministry.

So dear readers/listeners, I’m letting you know that this will be my last blog, meme, and Facebook Live before we leave on our trip. I will come back refreshed with renewed creativity and ideas from my time spent with the Lord as I relax on the sunny beach.

woman lying on a beach, it's time to take my own advice

Yes, you heard me right. Believe it or not, every time we go to Cancun I clearly hear from God. He gives me new perspective and direction for my destiny. You’d think God would give me a remote cabin in the woods with no indoor plumbing, but no. He gives me five-star dining in an all-inclusive resort. Jesus really has a sense of humor. He loves to mess with my religious ideas about what I think I should be doing.


I blog a lot about spending time with the Lord, waiting on God, and learning how to rest.

So, it’s about time I take my own advice.

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I’m grateful for this time away, but maybe you don’t have that opportunity.

Perhaps you feel like you’re hanging onto the back of a runaway train by your fingernails. Just know that it’s okay to pry your fingers off and let go of that caboose—even if it’s only for a few minutes a day.

Let Jesus wrap you in his loving arms, even if it’s only for a nano-second. He’s not disappointed in you and He’s delighted every time you turn your eyes upon Him.

I hear Him telling you, “I love you, my child. Let go of that worry and hand it to me. I’ve got this.”

I’ll be praying for you all while I rest and take my own advice. See you in a few weeks!

    4 replies to "It’s Time I Take My Own Advice"

    • Kelly Liberto

      Excellent post Cindy! Thank you for the reminder. And happy getaway!

      • Cindy Noonan

        Thanks Kelly! We will enjoy our time away.

    • Deb Kresge

      Great wisdom always! Have a wonderful restful vacation!

      • Cindy Noonan

        Thanks Deb! We will!

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