180px-Jesse_Owens3In a recent blog I mentioned that I would spend time writing about heroes who help close the racial divide. I talked briefly about Bishop Harry Jackson, a modern day champion of racial reconciliation.This week I am taking us back to 1936, the year of the Olympics in Berlin, Germany under Nazi rule.

I recently watched the movie Race. This film tells the story of African-American Jesse Owens, perhaps the most famous United States athlete of the twentieth century. He won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin in front of Adolf Hitler. Many credit him with destroying Hitler’s doctrine of Aryan white race supremacy through these accomplishments, which he performed in front of all Germany and the world.

I appreciate this movie and many others that have recently been produced, which show the history of racism in America. Understanding the background that fueled the racial divide can help us step toward racial reconciliation.

I personally learned much about the evils of slavery when researching my novel for kids about the Underground Railroad, Dark Enough to See the StarsThis has given me a heart to see love, unity and understanding among the races. When hatred and violence dominate the news, it’s refreshing to see movies like this being broadcast. May stories of champions who chip away at the racism mindset continue to be published.

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