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I wake up in our Air BnB on Christmas Eve morning. We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our 11th grandchild. I thought she would be born early, but that doesn’t seem likely. Her due date is Christmas Day and her mom shows no signs that labor is imminent. As I read a devotion about the Christ child, I meditate on how humbling it must have been for the Creator of the Universe to come to earth as a human, limiting His limitless capacities. Talk about true love. Talk about burning desire. Talk about wanting our love so much that He was willing to confine Himself to something we could hold and touch.

As I meditate on Christ within me, Holy Spirit reminds me that I (and all believers in Jesus) sometimes just need to be someone who others can hold and touch.

I often enter the room with the attitude of an expert. I tend to think I can give people things they need in my areas of expertise as a wife, mother, and self-taught health guru.

But Holy Spirit reminds me that this Christmas season I don’t need to think of myself as a sage. Rather, when I allow others to swaddle me with their love, I receive peace and contentment. When I radiate peace and contentment, those around me experience it too.

We often push ourselves to do more, and give more, especially at Christmas. Instead, let’s be more. Be kind to ourselves and others. Be loving and allow ourselves to be loved.

As you read this post, the excitement of Christmas Day has passed. The wrappings have been crumpled and tossed in the trash. Maybe family and friends have returned home. Or maybe Covid has limited your holiday travels.

As the tensions that accompany a stressful season subside, remember the hugs, the kindnesses shared, and the generosity experienced. Let them be the fragrance that lingers.two kids hugging, Christmas love

Jesus didn’t enter our world as the conquering hero. He entered as an infant who desired our love.  Before He defeated satan at the cross, He taught us to love one another. When we get that right, everything else falls into place.

By the time you read this, we will have a newborn baby girl to swaddle with our love. However, the love she gives to us will seem much greater than the love we can offer her.

Isn’t that just like Jesus? Just by being who He is, God made flesh, He gives us more love than we could ever return. Let that be a reminder amidst the unexpected sickness and fear that has accompanied this season.

Merry Christmas Everyone! As you swaddle others with your love, remember Jesus wrapped you in His love when He came to earth.



    5 replies to "Jesus Came to Earth to Wrap You in His Love"

    • Kelly Liberto

      Congratulations Cindy! What a great post. Remembering Christ’s love on this day!

    • Deb Kresge

      Your such a great writer Cindy and I love that I can hear your voice as I read! Great words! Congratulations on grandchild number 11. What a blessing. God bless you! Happy New Year!
      Deb Kresge

      • Cindy Noonan

        Thanks, Deb!

    • Andrea Conde

      Knowing that I am wrapped in the arms and love of Christ brings such great comfort. As I experience His love for me I want others to receive His love, but also to be able to receive from others brings great joy to my heart. Great word Cindy 🤗💚. Also congratulations 🎊.

      • Cindy Noonan

        Thanks, Andrea!

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