Pile-of-Books-200x300I asked myself the above question when we celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday in January. Did reading help him accomplish his goals as a Civil Rights Leader?

Young minds are encouraged to dream big when reading becomes their passion. So I wondered how MLK fueled his dream. Was he an avid reader? My friend Google helped me find the answer.

A January 1986 copy of Ebony magazine interviewed his older sister Christine King Farris, then a professor of reading at Spelman College, about her memories of growing up with Martin. As Christine tells it, their Aunt Ida Wortham often read to them from newspapers, books and encyclopedias. This kindled MLK’s curiosity about the world. He was able to imagine what life was like beyond his own backyard. He saw that freedom from Jim Crow laws was possible. No wonder he had a dream and followed it.christine King Farris

We can learn from his example. Let’s read to our kids, provide them with books, and watch their dreams grow.

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