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Hold on to your colonial tricorn hats! I’m signing copies of my new edition of Dark Enough to See the Stars: A Story of Escape on the Underground Railroad on July 9th in the oldest bookstore in the world – the Moravian Book and Gift Shop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania!

The Moravian Book Shop predates our American Revolution. In 1745, Samuel Powell of the Church’s Crown Inn was appointed by the Moravian Church to found a book store.  After operating in several locations, in 1871 the store was moved to the church’s publications building near the Central Moravian Church. Today, the Moravian Book Shop operates at the same site on Historic Main Street in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Although originally a purveyor of religious texts, the shop is now a secular store offering a wide selection of books. However, the aroma of Moravian history still permeates the place. One can find books about the Moravians and Moravian Herrnhut parchment stars (first created by Moravians in Germany) are available for purchase.(For directions to the store, click here.)

Moravian Book and Gift Shop

How can the Moravian Book Shop profess to be the oldest continuously running bookstore in the world? In April of 2000 USA Today stated that John Smith & Son, the longest continuously trading bookseller in the world, established in 1751, was closing. Since the Moravian Book Shop was established in 1745, it was concluded that it must be the oldest bookseller in the world.

Take a Sunday drive to this delightful store and gift shop on Sunday, July 9th. Get a glimpse of history, and of course, check out my book! I’ll be there from 1-3 pm.

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    • Sarah Lynn Phillips

      What a wonderful opportunity, Cindy!! Your book will a perfect addition. I think I’d like to visit sometime . . .

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