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I will give you the treasures of darkness, and hidden wealth of secret places, so that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name. Isaiah 45: 3 NASB

I crawled out of bed early one morning and searched in the dark to find my slippers. Shining my phone flashlight into my closet, I spotted the white furry top of one slipper but not the other. As I scanned the closet bottom, a sea of jumbled shoes spread before me, but no second slipper. It had to be there somewhere. Finally, I noticed a black sole and turned it right side up. My slipper had been hiding in plain sight.finding my slippers

The trouble was, I had been looking for white furry tops, not something dark and indistinguishable from every other shoe in my closet. It was then that the Lord impressed upon me a lesson. There are treasures hidden in the darkness.


found my missing slipperWe live in dark times. The passage of New York’s Reproductive Health Act only underscores how far our nation has drifted from righteousness. Infants have no right to life before they are born. The murder of children up to birth highlights how heinous is the crime of abortion.

Slaughtering babies is not new. Pharaoh killed all Hebrew males after they were born for fear the Israelites would somehow gain power. His efforts did not stop God from raising up Moses as the deliverer of his people from slavery in Egypt.

When Herod learned from the wise men that the King of the Jews had been born in Bethlehem, he massacred all children two years old and under. In spite of this tragedy, the boy Jesus escaped Herod’s wrath, became our Savior, and now reigns with the Father in heaven.


We should weep and cry out for the children. We should pray for the end of abortion. All those who approve of and provide abortions mistakenly believe they are helping women. Pray that they see the spiritual consequences of their actions and encounter the God of love.

However, we should not lose heart or react in bitter judgment, for God has treasures hidden in the darkness. In the above passage from Isaiah, God speaks to Cyrus, the pagan monarch of Persia. The Jews had been taken from their homeland and now lived in captivity in Babylon. God appointed this king to defeat Babylon, and then gave him a heart to rebuild the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. When Cyrus seized all the riches of Babylon he also restored Israel’s temple treasures, which were used for building expenses. He restored the Jews to their home, all part of the plan to establish the Messiah in Israel centuries later.

Cyrus of Persia
King Cyrus Courtesy Bing.com

Isaiah 45 was written over 150 years before Cyrus became king, and according to the historian, Josephus, Cyrus learned of this biblical prophecy naming him.


We may feel like America is bound in its own captivity of moral decay, but God has a plan. The New York Reproductive Health Act did not take God by surprise. He knows the beginning from the end. God has a blueprint to deliver our nation from darkness and give us treasures of righteousness. His strategy includes us. We must pray, seek His face, and ask Him what part we will play.


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    • Sarah Phillips

      Thanks for a higher perspective, Cindy, when we feel discouraged by all that is happening around us. Treasures in the darkness . . . good food for thought.

      • Cindy Noonan

        Thanks, Sarah! There is always hope.

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