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I was buried in a coffin, but I didn’t realize it. I needed to wake up, but I didn’t know it.

Remember the movie Matrix? Neo was startled into reality when he realized the world he lived in was a deception. He was given an option—swallow the red pill and know the truth or swallow the blue pill and go on living as he had been, ignorant of reality. Neo chose the red pill and discovered he had been encased in a coffin of sorts. All of his life-experience had only existed in his imagination. As he emerged from his capsule, he learned that the Matrix had victimized mankind and used people for its own evil purpose.

There’s a message in this movie. The devil has an agenda. He convinces Christians we have no worth so he can keep us in bondage to sin. We often believe God is mad at us, or disappointed in our actions.  Satan encapsulates us in deception so we never wake up to our true potential.



Paul recognized that many followers of Jesus faced this dilemma, which is why he told them in Ephesians 5:14 “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” NIV

He highlighted the age-old problem of walking in darkness vs. walking in the light.

What does that look like for you? Is your battle with hidden sin, or anger, or resentment, or jealousy? Maybe it’s more subtle than that. It was for me.

I know Jesus. His voice speaks to me in the scriptures and through the gentle nudging of Holy Spirit. But I wasn’t satisfied with my relationship with Him. I knew there was more. More than doing things for God to please Him. More than always feeling that I was falling short of His expectations. There was a distance between us that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Abraham was God’s friend. He seemed to know God in a way that I didn’t. What was missing?



The Lord was whetting my appetite to know Him at a deeper level. I began to devour books and teachings about developing a closer relationship with God.

In May my husband and I traveled to Cancun on vacation. We go every year and always feel refreshed after our trip. However, Mexico is more than a vacation destination for me—it’s a place where God speaks to me.

This year was no exception. Even before we left, the Lord dropped hints that He and I would have an “engaging” time together. However, our first week there, I spent my early morning hours writing reams of words to prepare my revamped website and get ready to launch my ministry to women, Embrace your Destiny. Almost two years had ticked by, and I was frustrated.

Then at the beginning of week two, my computer shut down. I hadn’t backed up my files, and my Mac wouldn’t reboot. I had nowhere to get it fixed.

In the midst of my disappointment and fear that I’d lost everything, there was only one thing I could do—spend those early morning hours seeking God.



I started reading Interior Castle by the Catholic mystic Teresa of Avila. She described the soul as a castle made of a single diamond or clear crystal with many rooms, just as there are many mansions in heaven. She went on to say that the soul of a righteous man is a paradise that God delights in.

“I can find nothing with which to compare the great beauty of a soul and its great capacity. In fact, however acute our intellects may be, they will no more be able to attain to a comprehension of this than to an understanding of God; for as He Himself says, He created us in His image and likeness. Now if this is so—and it is—there is no point in our fatiguing ourselves by attempting to comprehend the beauty of this castle; for though it is His creature, and there is therefore as much difference between it and God as between creature and Creator, the very fact that His Majesty says it is made in His image means that we can hardly form any conception of the soul’s great dignity and beauty.”


As soon as I read that passage, God’s love, joy, and delight that He experiences from being with me overwhelmed my soul. I knew intellectually that God loved me, and I understood the power of love through the love I’d experienced from family and friends. But this time, I felt the Father’s love. Oh, I thought I had felt it before, but what I experienced that day wiped away the deep hidden belief that I had to earn His love.

I am made in His image. You and I are created with His spiritual DNA. We are crafted by the Beautiful One to be beautiful in His sight. Would the Father fashion anything less than the best for His Son’s bride?

God touched me and, like Neo, I awoke from my slumber. But I didn’t awaken to a stark reality to fight for my existence.

No. My experience more closely resembled Sleeping Beauty. My Handsome Prince kissed me awake so I could learn to walk with Him and enjoy His loving gaze as we walk into our destiny together.


EXPERIENCE THE DEEP LOVE OF  GODwoman wakes up to the sunshine. wake up and climb out of your coffin

Experiencing the deep love of God is available to all who ask for it. It may not happen in the same way it happened to me, because each one of us is uniquely crafted by God.

Just be hungry for more of Him.

Let’s pray:

Lord, you desire my friendship more than I can imagine. Awaken me to see the depth of your delight in me so we can walk together into the destiny you have prepared for me.








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    • Cheryl Kaiser

      Oh Cindy, I absolutely love this post, it really spoke to my heart. Thank you!

      • Cindy Noonan

        So glad it ministered to you, Cheryl! That warms my heart.

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